• Adobe After Effects - Script Developer

    We need an expert developer who has experience in Adobe After Effects Scripting.

    Job Title :

    Adobe Script Developer

    Company Description :

    Pixflow Studio is a family of artists, motion designers, designers, illustrators, animators and 3D experts looking to make original videos.

    We usually make tool-kits for basic and expert motion designers and video artists. Also we make videos to explain startups, companies, projects or businesses.

    Job Type:


    Job Description :

    Developing script for Adobe After Effects. We provide you a full description of script and you develop it. The script should be work in AE CS5 and later versions.

    Required Skills:

    * Know Javascript

    * Know basic of Adobe After Effects expression

    * Know basic of Adobe After Effects like working with layers, composition, light,menus and etc

    * Ability to give new ideas, work remote, high pressure work

    * Developed at least 1 script/plugin for Adobe programs

    Desired Skills:

    •    Experience with Github
    •    Know plugin developing

    2 Core Areas of Accountability:

    1. Creations
      • Every project is something you are proud of.
      • Be creative and find the solutions. Don’t be a programmer robot.
      • Your code should be clean and readable, and you should make use of commenting.
    1. Team – Contribute to a team environment that is encouraging, positive, and creates a great experience for those that work with you.
      • Be an efficient communicator – respect other’s time.
      • Be constructive – both in contribution, and critique.
      • Be timely – finish things when you say you will.