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Motion Factory Change Log

  1. Improved: Type Builder supports any languages

  2. Fixed auto-update issue

  1. Added feature of match long text (Auto-scale)

  1. Improved: Added automatic update

  1. Fixed MacOs pack installation bug.

  2. Fixed MacOs Alpha and Point operation bug.

  3. Fixed Builders loading bug.

  4. Improved Add RTL languages support in type builder.

  5. Improved Multi packages intall.

  1. Fixed the problem of non-English OS languages for some of users

  2. Improved performance

  1. Motion Factory is now working with CC 2018

  1. Bug Fix on switch particles.

  2. Improve speed of dashboard.

  1. Fixed: Brush Fire and another category and their assets

  1. Fixed: Installing packages is now works for all users

  2. New: Light Update is fast and very easy way to update your Motion Factory without downloading whole data again

  3. Improved: Builders now load faster, Cheers!

  1. New: Added Type Builder with Free Starter

  2. PackNew: Added Dashboard so you can easily manage your products

  3. Bug Fix & Performance Improvments

  1. Initial Release