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Particle Builder

No matter if you are a beginner or expert,

Particle Builder allows you to bring cinematic particle

effects to your project!


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Brush Tool

All you need is to select your layer, then brush where you want. Particle Builder generates particles instantly. It’s quick and easy as pie!

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Point Tool

Animate your particles smoothly through a 3D path. Point tool gives you the power to define any motion paths.

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Alpha Tool

It’s easy to create complex effects

with Alpha tool. You can generate particles from transparent layers. Proper for your logos & texts.

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Powerful Handy Options

Many incredible options are available in Particle Builder to make this plugin

more unique & easy to use.


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Effect Viewer

By hovering over the effects in the panel you

will see particles animation instantly. You can

compare particles without applying.

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Simple Settings

You can manage all your needs with this

easy to use setting. Change color, amount, 

direction, speed and more in one place!

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Need to see which effect fits your project

scene better? Switch between particles with a

single click. Avoid wasting time.

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Change Color

You can change color of the particles or get the

color from the image/video with a click!

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Set the Direction

Move particles in a different direction: up,

down, middle or any angle you want to make it

more realistic.

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Search & Favorite

Search the exact effect you want to use in your

project. Also, select your favorite items to access

theme quickly.


Easy Setup

Simply install with some short steps.

Both version of Macintosh and Windows are provided.

Free Download

Particle Builder is a part of Motion Factory

plugin for After Effects. It’s available to 

download without any charge.

Mac & PC

We made it possible for you to use it on

both OS version of After Effects.

Download it easily right here.

Adobe After Effects

Particle Builder is an easy to use plugin that works with After Effects 2015 (13.8) and later versions.

Particular Required

For generating particles you need

Red Gient Trapcode Particular installed

on your After Effects.

Real Support

Our dedicated support team is always available to help you out

whenever you need it.


Particle Builder is a really easy-to-use plugin. However, we’ve made

some step by step videos tutorials as well. You can learn tips

& tricks by watching them

Help Center

Full documentation & step by step video tutorials are provided for our users

to know how to use the product. However the support guys are always

available to help for the confusing situations.

Particle Builder is used by the best video artists.
Join them now!