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Badge Templates for Adobe After Effects

Badge Templates are a good way to market your brand. A well designed badge can communicate so many things about a brand and what it stands for. But remember, the keyword here is being well designed and that’s where Vintage section of Type Builder, a Motion Factory Builder (FREE Plugin) working in Adobe After Effects, comes to get the job done. With a wide variety of available Badge Templates, you can easily design and create your own Badge in Adobe After Effects in the most elegant way. Vintage section of Type Builder is designed in a way to make content creation easy and efficient, just click on the template you prefer and the rest is just some simple tweaks.

Typoking | Title Animation Pack


Creating high quality Premiere Pro & After Effects titles animation & typography

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Typoking | Title Animation Pack

Type Builder has a FREE Starter Pack that you can use to kickstart all your typography projects. You can use this free Starter Pack to create high quality text animation and kinetic typography for both Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro projects. The TypoKing pack consists of stunning pre-built Adobe After Effects text animation and Premiere Pro title templates. You can click on the TypoKing free download icon and get free After Effects titles samples to see how great the pack is.
TypoKing After Effects title templates make work much easier and is a great time saver. You can create unlimited After Effects titles by just downloading the Premiere Pro and After Effects title templates in the pack and create your own Premiere Pro title templates and After Effects text animations. You can get free text effects and title templates too. Another great benefit of the pack is that you can easily edit & customize the colors, fonts, text styles, time duration, size, and all the elements with just a simple click. 
Use Type Builder’s typography & text animation builder for your professional Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro projects and get a lifetime of free updates & support. This means that you can grab your viewer’s attention in the shortest time possible and leave a great impact. That’s exactly why TypoKing’s Premiere Pro title templates & After Effects text animations are a must-have pack. Use them for personal use, company broadcasts, interviews, TV shows commercials, videos, music videos, social media videos, vlogs, slideshows, and etc.

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