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HiTech HUD Screen Frame 

Here is Hi-Tech animated Hud Screen Frame After Effects template. You can easily add your logos, images and titles in these Futuristic animated hud screen frame and hi-tech video holder.
These futuristic animated hi-tech Hud screen frames are part of a user-friendly plugin called Hi-Tech and Hi-Tech Builder itself is part of a free-to-download powerful toolkit called Motion Factory.
HiTech Builder lets you create Hollywood-level Sci-Fi H.U.D elements and futuristic shapes as trendy intros openers,digital infographics, holograms, call-outs, titles and transitions for games; Facebook and YouTube videos; glitchy projects, VFX composites,TV shows; presentations; slideshows; commercials; motion pictures and tech visuals.

HUD Pack

HiTech HUD Builder Starter Pack is an After Effects plugin that generously provides modular as well as pre-made high-resolution items to create stunning HUD graphics effects and gives you a diverse collection of high-quality HUD elements and items including: circular items, icons, warning signs, shapes, texts, titles, Hud infographic elements, and so many more. Easily create Hollywood-level Adobe After Effects HUD graphics with HiTech Builder’s FREE HUD After Effects templates.
Create awesome futuristic shapes, titles, holograms, and all other projects with HiTech Builder’s FREE Adobe After Effects HUD pack. A futuristic Adobe After Effects HUD Graphics template with detailed designs made for all sorts of HUD videos, transitions, intros, apps, video games, presentations, game creation, video footage overlay, sci-fi movie, high-tech videos, and etc. HiTech HUD After Effects pack has everything you need to showcase breathtaking HUD videos.


HiTech After Effects HUD Builder Starter Pack will help you to build your own detailed and stunning HUD videos for any creative project in just a few minutes. The ultimate HUD After Effects elements are carefully designed & structured for all sci-fi lovers and the expertly detailed designs will catch eyes! Whether you’re an expert or a beginner you can use HiTech Builder’s FREE Starter Pack or the Quantum pack’s incredible complex animations & graphics to create high-quality HUD effects. 

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