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Version 8.1 * 21-June-2021

  • Updated : Theme Version
  • Important : MD Portfolio and MD Widget plugins are now required so please install them from admin panel >> appearance >> install plugin
  • Updated : Included Plugins
  • Updated : WooCommerce Templates
  • Updated : Responsive Breakpoint is Now on 1024px
  • Fixed : Site Setting Layout Issue
  • Fixed : Site Setting Not Working in FireFox
  • Added : Header Responsive Container Size For Responsive Improvement
  • Added : Ability to Use HTML Content in Most Shortcodes Content
  • Improved : Responsive Layout For Most of Shortcodes

Updated : Theme Version
Updated : Included Plugins
Updated : WooCommerce Templates
Updated : Responsive Breakpoint is Now on 1024px 
Removed : Plugin Folder ( Moved to Online Server )
Removed : Demo Folders ( Moved to Online Servers )
- Added : Dark Mode For Builder and Site Setting
- Added : New Novel Firm Demo
- Added : Bookly Plugin Compatibility
- Added : New Shortcode Modern Image Box
- Added : New Shortcode Modern Image Box Pro
- Added : New Shortcode Bookly Shortcode
- Added : Responsive Options to Row Shortcode
- Added : Responsive Options to Column Shortcode
- Added : Responsive Options to Image Slider Shortcode
- Added : Responsive Options to Empty Space Shortcode
- Added : Responsive Options to Rich Text Shortcode
- Added : Responsive Options to Text Shortcode
- Added : Control the Size of Container in Laptop and Tablets Separately for Responsive Improvement
- Added : Icon Box Side Custom Icon Feature
- Added : New Style For Video Button
- Added : Display Swap For Custom Fonts To Improve Google Page Speed
- Added : Additional Script Option For Users Who Want To Include Google Analytic or other extra scripts
- Added : Raw HTML shortcode in Massive Builder
- Added : Full Control Over Colors Of Responsive Header

- Fixed : Notifcation Center Content Being Loaded Even If They Were Deactivated
- Fixed : Not Being Able to Remove Search Form In Responsive Header
- Fixed : Loading Default Text For Pixflow Slider Even If Content Were Being Used Before
- Fixed : Icon Box Top Butoon Hover Issue
- Fixed : Notification Center Dark and Light Mode Conflicts
- Fixed : Skill Pie Chart 2 Alignment Issue
- Fixed : RTL Custom Fonts Not Working Properly
- Fixed : Classic Blog Sharing Icon Alignment Issue
- Fixed : Sidebar Conflict With Content in Smaller Screens
- Fixed : Column Background Not Working 
- Fixed : Column Border Settings Not Working
- Fixed : Instagram Feed Box Layouts Issue 
- Fixed : Sticky Header Over Lap Menu in Responsive Mode
- Fixed : Builder Stop Working When You Have More Than 400 Elements in Page
- Fixed : About 20 More Minor Issues

- Improved : Responsive Layout For Most of Shortcodes

WooCommerce File Updated
Plugins Updated
Fixed : Responsive Header Bug
Fixed : Responsive Header Bug
Fixed : Header Gather Overly Logo Loading Only Dark Logo
Fixed : Client Carousel Responsive Bug
Fixed : Create Function Warning on PHP 7 and Above
Fixed : RTL Layout of Pixflow Slider
Fixed : Blog Detail Subscribe Section not Loading Properly
Fixed : Unnecessary JS File being Loaded in Header
Fixed : Tab Shortcodes Titles Bug on Responsive Mode
Fixed : Fixed : Rich Text Shortcode Alignment 
Fixed : Live Text Editor Link Panel Loading in Wrong Position
Fixed : Tween Max Conflict With Revolution Slider
Fixed : Scroll Lagging Bug
Load More Option Added To Blog Masonry Shortcode
4 New Styles Are Available For Google Map
Plugins are updated
WP Form Plugin Shortcode Added
Sticky Mobile Header Option is Available
Plugins have been removed from package and will install online
False virus detection from Microsoft Defender has been fixed
Plugins are updated
Portfolio Passowrd Protected option is now working fine
MailChimp Redirect Option Now Works fine
No Header , No Footer , No Header & Footer templates are updated
WooCommerce Item Count is Redesigned
Customizer Responsive Mode Improvement
Plugins have been updated to latest version
WooCommercer template update
3 New Demos
Tested with WordPress 5
3 Page templates have been added ( No Footer , No Header , No Header & Footer )
Separate responsive background image for row shortcode
Clear cache button for Massive Dynamic cache in admin bar
New General demo is available for import
16 New premade sections have been added                    
Remove "nbsp" character at end of WooCommerce input fields
Client carousel load full image without cropping
Single related post images in responsive improvement
Notification center responsive improvement
Now portfolio and post html content will not load in notification center if you deactivate them
Fix missing icon in wordpress backend editor toolbar
Skype social icon will now launce skype application
Contact info widget items are now linked
Search result page responsive improvement
Subscribe shortcode message color change base on success and error
Gather menu items color change base on site setting configuration
Portfolio images are now SEO optimized
Fav icon issue has been resolved
Recent portfolio widget improvement
Columns background will show 
Video background will not load if the Row background set to image
Double description has been removed from WooCommerce category
Image slider shrotcode is now SEO optimized
Mailchimp button is visible in footer dark and light mode
You can use ' in shortcode contents
Demo importer responsive improvement
Major and Minor Responsive improvement 
4-April-2018 - Version 6.1
Solved : Setting panel issue on FireFox and Safari browser.
Solved : Row background get its default value after changing row setting.
Solved : Section scroll issue on responsive devices.
Solved : Revelotuion slider now working.
Added : Users can now deactivate section scroll on mobile devices
Added : WooCommerce products order.
Added : Client carousel shortcode have link option.
Added : Blog Massonry shortcode title now can have different heading
Added : Business Bar element are now linked 
Updated : WooCommerce templates
Updated : Major RTL improvement.
Updated : All included plugins
20-Feb-2018 - Version 6
20 sections added
Sections functionality improved
Section scroll functionality improved
Responsive functionality improved
Empty space issue fixed
Minor bugs fixed
14-Jan-2018 - Version 5.4.1
Image box slider link issue ( when used in tab and accordion ) has been resolved.
Edit Saved section issue has been resolved.
Pixflow slider title editing issue has been resolved.
Gather menu issue on safari issue has been resolved.
Responsive improvement in notification center.
Plugins updated
30-Nov-2017 - Version 5.4
Site setting issue in WordPress 4.9 has been resolved.
Edit content mode issue in new Visual Composer update has been resolved.
Rich text shortcode title issue has been resolved.
Revolution slider plugin updated.
Visual Composer plugin updated.
14-Nov-2017 - Version 5.3
VC separator shortcode is now available in visual composer media and post grid shortcode
VC text seprator shortcode is now available in visual composer(edited)
Fixed publish button issue on edit content mode(edited)
Fixed issue on saving custom section(edited)
Fixed links issue in tabs shortcode.
17-Oct-2017 - Version 5.2
Added 19 new sections to section builder.
Added the feature to create and save custom section.
Fixed some issues related to Responsive functionality, Section Scroll and Tab shortcode.
Updated all plugins to latest version.
25-Sep-2017 - Version 5.1
Added duplicate option back to row
Fixed Tab Shortcode issue in small screens.
Improved responsive functionality in Live Text Shortcode.
Improved Portfolio Shortcode functionality in large screens.
Improve section scroll functionality in mobile devices.
Updated Visual Composer to latest version.
09-Sep-2017 - Version 5.0.1
Improved live text shortcode.
Row layout now changes instantly.
Fixed header and shortcode overlap issue on empty pages.
Fixed URL+ option not saving issue.
Fixed responsive issue of Section scroll pages.
Fixed WP Text visual tab issue.
Fixed Style-rtl.css missing in child theme
01-Sep-2017 - Version 5
Builder got a new cool and modern UI.
The builder is now super fast and Shortcode's setting panel now opens instantly.
Cache file functionality has been improved and works with different server settings.
Rich Text shortcode has been imporved and you can change the styles without any issue.An awesome Section builder has been added to Massive Builder and you can use some of the most popular sections in our demos.
4 new demo websites has been added to available demo websites, including: "Small Business" , "Corporation" , "Case Study" , "Digital Agency".
You can now change the spacing by dragging the handlers in the builder. This feature is available for Empty Space shortcode, top/bottom padding of Row shortcode and left/right padding of Column.
Visual Composer updated to the version 5.2.1
31-July-2017 - Version 4.5.1
Updated: Visual Composer plugin.
Added woocommerce 3.1.1 compatibility
Fixed footer logo issue on section scroll feature.
Fixed missing category issue on blog shortcodes.
Fixed shipping funtionality in woocommerce checkout page.
Fixed play button appear on video row background in mobile devices.
Fixed row background issue in parallax mode.
Improved drag and drop performance with Visual Composer editors.
10-July-2017 – Version 4.5
Added HTML editor for Rich Text Shortcode
Improved shortcode setting performance
Fixed some bugs in Rich Text shortcode
Fixed Custom JS bug in pages which use unique settings
Fixed Double Slider shortcode issue in RTL mode
Fixed Video shortcode appearance issue in archive page
Fixed NinjaPopup bug in Button shortcode
Fixed the layout issue in password protected pages
Fixed image background issue in gradient row types
Massive Dynamic is now compatible with WooCommerce 3.1
24-June-2017 – Version 4.4
Added : new live text shortcode named "simple text"
Added Design Studio demo
Added Image Box shortcode link target option
Fixed Custom CSS and Custom JS not being saved in unique setting
Fixed Missing translation strings
Fixed Sidebar icon showing in pages without sidebar in responsive mode
Improved Section scroll feature
Updated All included plugins
29-May-2017 – Version 4.3
 Added Float Animation as a new type of animation
Added "RTL Agency" demo
Fixed some bugs in Row, Imagebox Full-width, Subscribe and Horizontal tab shortcodes
Added compatibility with latest version of WooCommerce
Fixed a bug in Massive Builder where websites use SSL
Fixed some UI issues in Massive Builder
Fixed some responsive issues for IconBox, Team Member and Music shortcodes
14-May-2017 – Version 4.2
 Massive Dynamic is now fully compatible with "Ninja Popup" which is an awesome popup plugin
We changed a few things in Demo Importer tool and now it works even better
Builder load time has improved even more
30-Apr-2017 – Version 4.1
 Massive Dynamic is now compatible with latest WooCommerce version
Visual Composer is updated to latest version
In masonry blog shortcode, thumbnails are used instead of large images
Side headers functionality improved in smaller screens
A bug which affected empty Text shortcodes is fixed
"Startup 2" demo added to included demos
Massive Dynamic is now fully comaptible with "W3 Total Cache" plugin
Added button option for header
13-Mar-2017 – Version 4
Re-built from the ground up live website builder :
Comprehensive tool with plenty of enhancement in speed and workspace usage
Site setting :
powerful workspace which give a freedom to create any layout you can imagine
Efficient  improvement in user experience :
Introducing brand new workspace to manage your website content  , simple yet amazing
Major performance improvement :
Increase your website loading speed significantly with new modular resource loader , caching system and technical code improvement .
Plenty of fresh pages and new themes added
Minor bugs fixed and functionality improvement

19-Feb-2017 – Version 3.8.2
 Fixed section scroll issue on some smartphones
 Fixed file system issue on some servers
 Fixed builder save functionality on some servers
 Fixed move header logo issue in responsive view
 Improved page load time slightly
 Improved some functionalities for older PHP versions
31-Jan-2017 – Version 3.8.1
 Fixed search functionality in notification center
 Fixed horizontal tab shortcode issue in Firefox
 Updated Master Slider to the latest version
 Updated child theme to avoid issues with Massive Dynamic version 3.8
29-Jan-2017 – Version 3.8
 Text shortcode performance and UX have been improved
 JavaScript files and CSS files have been minified
26-Dec-2016 – Version 3.7
 Added Section Scroll feature to page options
 Added Media Agency and Advertising demo websites. You can download 57 demo websites now
 Improved functionality with WordPress 4.7
 Improved responsive functionality
 Fixed some minor issues in Massive Builder
 Fixed some issues in Text Shortcode
10-Dec-2016 – Version 3.6.1
 Fixed more builder issues in WordPress 4.7
 Fixed Go Pricing plugin issue with Massive Dynamic
08-Dec-2016 – Version 3.6
**Do not use this version unless you are using WordPress 4.7**
 Added Christmas demo websites. You can download 55 demo websites now
 Fixed builder issues in WordPress 4.7
06-Dec-2016 – Version 3.5
 Added 3 new demo websites. You can download 54 demo websites including Technology, SEO 2 and Minimal Portfolio
 Added height option to client normal shortcode
 Improved slider carousel shortcode
 Improved team member and pixflow slider performance in Massive Builder
 Improved footer parallax functionality
 Fixed video shortcode issue in mobile devices
 Fixed portfolio popup issue in Firefox
 Fixed featured image shortcode in rows with "equal column height"
 Fixed extra spacing in text shortcode
 Fixed tablet slider issue in tab shortcode
 Fixed some minor issues
11/29/2016 – Version 3.4.1
 Fixed a security issue in demo importer
11/08/2016 – Version 3.4
 Added custom font option to Header and Site typography options
 Fixed widget area issue in parallax footer on small desktop devices
 Improved Text Shortcode compatibility with Visual Composer
11/03/2016 – Version 3.3
 Added 4 new demo websites to demo list. You can now import the demo content of 51 websites including Strategy, Association, App 2 and Creative Studio
11/02/2016 – Version 3.2
 Added equal column height and vertical align options to row shortcode
 Added a preloader to Massive Builder
 Added font family and font weight options to Text Shortcode live editor
 Added a functionality to Massive Builder to detect errors and warn users about them
 Improved responsiveness in different devices
 Improved widgets import function in demo importer
 Fixed some minor issues in Massive Builder
 Fixed Text Shortcode compatibility issue with Visual Composer Back-end editor
 Fixed revolution slider template import issue in demo importer
10/06/2016 – Version 3.1.1
 Fixed category issue in blog calendar shortcode
10/05/2016 – Version 3.1
 Added fontsize and custom color option to Text shortcode
 Added "vc_wp_text" shortcode to Visual Composer back-end editor
 Added GleGoo font to text shortcode custom fonts
 Improved page speed in Google PageSpeed Insights
 Improved responsiveness in Laptop and Mobile screen sizes
 Fixed gradient background issue in row shortcode
 Fixed publish button issue in Safari
 Fixed Accordion shortcode bug with Client Carousel shortcode
09/13/2016 – Version 3.0.5
 Added demo files in file (except media files which are downloaded from online servers)
 Fixed and issue with single quotation character in blog shortcode
 Updated Visual Composer to latest version
 Improved column responsive functionality on mobile devices
09/05/2016 – Version 3.0.4
 shortcode panel in Massive Builder uses icon fonts and it improves builder load time
 Fixed the issue with publish button in Safari
 Fixed session start issue on server with older PHP version
 Fixed some issues with team member shortcode, text shortcode and footer parallax
 Improved Text shortcode functionality, you can use single quotation without any issue
08/30/2016 – Version 3.0.3
 Visual Composer responsive classes now work fine
 Demo importer imports portfolio categories correctly
08/29/2016 – Version 3.0.2
 Text shortcode works completely fine with both Massive Builder and Visual Composer
 Master slider will show preview in Massive builder
 Fixed an issue with google fonts on Amazon servers
08/28/2016 – Version 3.0.1
 Fixed text shortcode and footer issue
08/27/2016 – Version 3.0
 Improved builder UI/UX
 Improved Builder performance and load time greatly
 Improved Builder responsiveness in laptop
 Improved demo importer functionality
 Improved SEO optimization
 Added Massive Dynamic shortcode plugin and PixFlow portfolio plugin as embedded plugins into theme
 Added inline editor to Text Shortcode
 Updated demos export files
 Updated WooCommerce template files to latest version
 Updated GoPricing plugin and Master Slider plugin
 Fixed some minor bugs
08/08/2016 – Version 2.1
 Improved responsiveness on MacBook and other devices
 Improved purchased code validation
07/06/2016 – Version 2.0
 Added 4 new business demos to demo importer, you can access 47 demos now
 Added Business Empire demo
 Added Business Clean demo
 Added Consulting demo
 Added Communication demo
 Added 12 new business shortcodes
 Added API key option to google map shortcode
 Improved demo importer to work with more server configurations
 Fixed some minor issues with responsiveness and more
06/23/2016 – Version 1.2.8
 Improved demo importer's functionality in majority of servers
 Fixed some minor issues with social icons, unique settings, responsiveness and more
06/18/2016 – Version 1.2.7
 Added compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.1
 Fixed color issue for contact form modern style
06/15/2016 – Version 1.2.6
 Added RTL demo website to demo importer, you can import 43 demo websites now
 Fixed some minor issues
 Updated Revolution Slider plugin
06/08/2016 – Version 1.2.5
 Added Marketing and Healthcare demo websites to demo importer, you can import 42 demo websites now
 Improved responsive functionality for icon box and team member shortcodes
 Improved builder functionality when front page is not set
 Improved Master slider functionality in Massive Builder
 Fixed some issues related to video shortcode, single portfolio, imagebox full shortcode and inner row shortcode
 Updated Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugin
05/23/2016 – Version 1.2.4
 Added Travel, Hotel and Barber demo websites to demo importer, you can import 40 demo websites now
 Added custom class option to row shortcode
 Added WP text shortcode, Raw HTML shortcode and Raw JS shortcode
 Improved responsive functionality
 Fixed an issue with contact form templates
 Fixed responsive menu issue in child theme
 Updated Go Pricing plugin
05/16/2016 – Version 1.2.3
 Improved builder load time
 Improved child theme
 Improved header (top modern style)
 Improved widget styles
 Improved shop icon functionality in responsive menu
 Fixed unique settings issue on some servers
 Fixed Visual Composer back-end icon issue
05/09/2016 – Version 1.2.2
 Artistic, Motion, IT Service and Resume Tab demo added to demo importer, 37 demos are available now
 Improved responsiveness in different devices
 Fixed some bugs
05/01/2016 – Version 1.2.1
 Improved demo importer, imports everything super fast now
 General and Corporate demo added to demo importer, 33 demos are available now
 Improved builder performance in laptop
 Responsive functionality improved
04/28/2016 – Version 1.2
 2 google fonts added
 3 new demos added to demo importer, 31 demo available now
 Fixed some responsive issues
04/27/2016 – Version 1.1
 Added 28 demos to demo importer
 Added .po and .mo files
 Fixed some minor issues
04/26/2016 – Version 1.0

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