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How to Unlock Locked Packs Inside Motion Factory


How to Unlock Locked Packs Inside Motion Factory

In this tutorial, we will show you how to easily unlock the locked packs inside Motion Factory.

Motion Factory is Pixflow’s free-to-download toolkit that provides you with several advanced and user-friendly plugins that are specifically designed for After Effects to create high-quality motion graphics. As of now, Motion Factory offers the following plugins for motion designers and VFX professionals:

Particle Builder — After Effects plugin for creating cinematic particle effects like sand, dust, fireworks, magic & more in After Effects.

ActionFX Builder — After Effects plugin for creating a professional cartoon and anime FX & Real FX for After Effects 2D animation.

Type Builder — After Effects & Premiere Pro plugin for creating text animation & kinetic typography. HiTech HUD Builder – After Effects plugin with professionally designed HUD elements (infographics, holograms, etc) for creating Hollywood level HUD projects.

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