The Easiest Way to Create Cartoon FX

Make Fire, Water, Smoke, Explosion, Energy, Electricity & Motion Shape FX
2D Animation | Cartoon FX & Real FX | With Just One Click!

ActionFX Builder

Free After Effects plugin! Make Flash FX animation with Water, Smoke, Explosion, Line, Motion Shape & Fire FX. Cartoon FX made easy!

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8 Amazing 2D Animation Categories
Use these incredible 2D animation FX in 8 versatile cartoon FX categories for
your After Effects anime projects. More than 100 cartoon effects!

Fire Effects

Heat up your Flash FX projects with ActionFX's blazing Fire Effect. 

Smoke Effects

Amp up 2D animation projects with ActionFX's cool Smoke Effect. 

Water Effects

Use ActionFX's anime Water Effect for 2D animation. 

Explosion Effect

Use as required to make your After Effects anime a blast!

Gunshot Effect

Bang bang! Here's the Gunshot cartoon FX you've been waiting for. 

Energy Effect

Use ActionFX's Energy Effect for Flash FX animation projects. Zing!

Electricity Effect

Zap up your After Effects anime projects with the Electric Effect

Line Effect

Use the very animated Line Effect for your 2D animation. 
Cartoon FX

Use this awesome anime package for animation and cartoon fx in your After Effects project.

Realistic FX

With this amazing package you can use both Fire & Smoke effects for your real scenes, in After Effects.