April 2017
Hello world!
April 2017
Hello world!
The Easiest Way to
Create Particle Effects
Make Fire, Sand, Smoke, Magic, Energy, Awards and other visual particle effects with just 1 click.

Your VFX
Master Tool

Particle Builder is a FREE plugin for After Effects users that contains high-quality premium effects. It allows motion designers from beginners to experts create cinematic and realistic particle effects easily in a fast way.



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Brush where you want to apply the effect. It’s super easy!

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Animate particles through a motion path. Even in 3D axis.

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Apply effects to transparent layers. Try it on logo or texts.

3 Packages of Particle Effects

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Starter Gear

This package includes 30 free high-quality particle presets and effects. Experimentation is encouraged.

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Elemental Gear

All essential effects for creating VFX scenes such as Fire, Sand, Smoke, Glass & Sparkle

particle effects are in the package.
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Magical Gear

Looking to create high-quality broadcasting cinematic scenes? This package comes with 9 different categories to choose from.

Key Featuers

13 Categories & Styles

You can have both realistic & magical

style in 13 different categories. 

Video & Images

You apply effects to images, videos, solids or empty composition.

150+ Particle Effects

More than 150 effects to make your cinematic shots.

Video Tutorials & Support

Step by step tutorials lead you to do creative things with Particle Builder.

Easy to Use

You don’t need to learn advanced tools. Easy to learn and use in your project.


13,000 hours of work, search and design is ready to push your creativity.


It saves your hours, days, weeks or months of work.

After Effects Plugin

Particle Builder is part of Motion Factory plugin. It works only in Adobe After Effects.

Particle Builder is used by the best video artists.
Join them now!