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These effects are just beautiful and the toolkit works just perfect
Loved this, so I bought it even though I don't yet have Trapcode Particular to use it yet, but will someday and I can't wait to try it!
I really love how they give me free version to look at before buying, and it is definitley a tool that I want in future so I bought the full version
Normally I say that these toolkits are just useless, but motion factory seems to be promising. I hope they upgrade and improve it, it has great potential, and this package is just working well, I use it for building VFX effects in mobile games
Thanks to this team I am feeling very relaxed about learning to use their wonderful software
I am very impressed with the results we can achieve with this product.
Work and technical support is excellent

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Pixflow is a leading producer and creator of Motion Design, Animation, Content Creation, and Filmmaking templates and tools. Our products are made for anyone active in any aspect of the multimedia industry. Filmmakers, Video Editors, Video Makers, Sound Editors, Graphic Designers & Editors, Animation Designers & Makers, whether they are a beginner or a professional, love our templates and toolkits because they are created by the best professionals in these fields. Also, they are created with love and care!

We are very active in many stages of the content creation process, so we are familiar with the needs and workflow of all designers and creators. Our years of activity and experience in these fields are obvious in our portfolio. We have created and done work in various motion categories such as Text Presets & Titles, Logos, Social Media, Backgrounds, LUTs Color Presets, Elements Effects, Action & Cartoon Effects, Cyberpunk & HUD Elements, Events, Mockups, Explainers,… and so many more.

Pixflow is also active and committed in the field of Blogs, Design Inspiration Content, YouTube Videos and Tutorials. Our contents are all about Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, News, Latest Trends, How-To's and all that matters to Content Creators, Filmmakers, Editors, Motion Designers, Graphic Designers and anyone who uses content creation software like Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve,... So, feel free to check out all our products as they get updated free. We have lots of Freebies too!