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Beautiful title animation

Elemental Pack

Realistic fire & smoke effects

Magical Pack

Realistic abstract effects

Sand Pack

Realistic sandstorm effect

Quantum HUD Pack

Sci-Fi animated elements

Glitch Pack

Amazing glitch effects


The New Motion Factory For After Effects & Premiere Pro

The new Motion Factory is a useful Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro FREE plugin. It gives you faster access to editing & organizing your videos & motion templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Motion Factory Classic is a plugin for After Effects that work with a set number of template packs. Motion Factory, on the other hand, is more flexible. It is for both Premiere and After Effects and supports a wider range of file formats that anybody can import into the extension based on their needs.
Motion Factory is an extension for Adobe Premiere and After Effects and it works inside those software
Motion Factory itself is free software. The only price you pay for the packs that you may buy and import into the software.
Motion Factory is a lightweight plugin and if your system can already run the host software smoothly, then you will be good to go.
The installation process is simple and straightforward. In fact you can do it in 4 different ways! Check This Pixflow Help Center Article to get a full walkthrough.
Motion Factory is available for Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
After Effects 2018 and above

Premiere 2019 and above

Video Tutorials

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