Punch Hole

Video Template

20 punch hole elements in .mov format to help you recreate marks and analog textures made on film negatives. These overlay elements are perfect for both scratching up your footage and making eye-catching transitions!


  • 4K


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    • 20 MOV Files

    • 4K Quality

    • Works on any editing software

    Being in .mov format makes Punch Holes a much more versatile set of templates since they can be used in any editing software like After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and any other NLE out there!

    20 real punch hole overlays
    made by actual film negatives.

    Perfect for
    film transitions

    Create snappy and stylish transitions with Punch Hole’s overlay elements in .mov format, perfect for adding analog textures and marks made on film negatives to your footage.

    20 punch hole elements

    All the punch holes are created using actual film negative for the highest level of detail.

    4K Ultra HD resolutions

    4K UHD resolution for the highest level of detail and life-like looking effects and elements.

    .MOV video files

    All .mov files that work with any video editing software from after effects to DaVinci Resolve.

    Classic film negative marks,
    for a vintage look


    When it comes to quality, we do not mess around! Every element inside Punch Hole is made with the greatest care and highest quality.

    A taste of what’s inside
    the Punch Hole

    Watch Punch Hole video tutorial

    Check out the in-depth tutorial on the best ways to make use of these elements in your following projects!


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    Tech Specification

    • Supported software

      Any editing software

    • Include

      20 .mov files
      Tutorial and PDF Guide

    • Size

      3.5 GB

    • Resolution

      UP to 4K

    • Music used in trailer


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