Action FX Pro


59 High-energy action elements like fire, explosion, gunshots, water splash, smoke scatter, and electricity shoot templates for high-octane action scenes.


  • License


    • Up to 5 team license installs

    • Comprehensive effects settings

    • Live preview

    • User-friendly UI

    Fully customizable energetic action visual effects templates with a lot of flexibility for editing and re-styling. Action FX Pro Plugin for After Effects comes with a built-in editing panel for easy template customization.

    Explode, Shoot, Electrify
    Set it on Fire!

    Extremely customizable

    Every effects template is made to be customized to the pixel!

    Modern and Retro

    All effects can be changed to pixel art mode with a single click!

    After Effects compatible

    Action FX Pro works smooth and fast inside adobe after effects.

    All set for any action scene!


    Easiest way to create action shots!


    Get a taste of Action FX Pro plugin

    free after effects plugin text animation kinetic typography

    Free demo of Action FX Pro let’s you experience the plugin before going premium!

    High octane action transitions!

    The high energy spirit of all the effects inside Action FX Pro makes them a prime candidate for making energetic and lively transitions from one action to another.

    Play before you pay

    Customize colors
    the way you want

    All the elements of the Action FX Pro plugin are fully color customizable to the smallest detail. After all, what good is an effect if you can’t make it your own?

    Designed for teams

    Teams of 5
    working as one

    All of the Pixflow plugins are designed with creative teams in mind and that is why our plugins can be installed on up to 5 systems per license.