Create Amazing Text Animations &

 Kinetic Typography  

With Type Builder, creating high quality text animation & typography for both After Effects and Premiere Pro projects has never been easier. 

Type Builder

Type Builder is a FREE plugin that lets you easily create quality text animation and kinetic typography for both After Effects and Premiere Pro projects. Change the color, duration, and font with just a few clicks and get the best text animation & typographical results.

type builder toolkit

Type Builder Toolkit Features

Put to use animated texts presets for After Effects and Premiere Pro made by professional animators and illustrators. And with these handy features make the best titles for your video projects.
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Auto Size

The font size of your title automatically fits to the preset content area.

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Color Change

Change the color of your presets with ease. You can also easily change motion shapes, texts, backgrounds … Everything!

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Editable Duration

Changing the start & end time has never been this easy before.
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4 Styles

Choose between these 4 amazing styles & create your own design.

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Smart Import

Select your desired animated title then hit create: instead of loading all of the titles in the pack, Smart Import only opens your selected title.

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Choose any language you desire with Type Builder. It supports right-to-left and all languages.

2 Type Builder Packs to Choose From

Use the amazing & amazingly free Starter Pack, or, opt for the mighty TypoKing Pack with 500 title animation kinetic typography. 

Starter Pack

10 Amazing Animated Typography Titles with Access to All Type Builder Features.

$ 50

500 High-Quality Title Animation Kinetic Typography + 50 Motion Shapes.

Key Features

Save time by using Type Builder's typography and text animation builder for your professional After Effects & Premiere Pro projects and get a lifetime of free updates & support.
premiere & after effects compatible

After Effects & Premiere Pro

Use it for kinetic typography & text animation for both After Effects and Premiere Pro.
type builder - up to fk resolution

Up To 4K Resolution

High resolution format
professional use.
type builder - east to use

Easy To Use

Type Builder is a powerful kinetic typography & text animation builder plug in and yet it is quite easy to use. 
type builder - 27 categories

27 Categories

You can easily find your style with 27 different classified categories.
type builder - use any font

Use Any Font

Type Builder is compatible with every font. Enjoy your freedom to use any of them.
type builder - in & out animation

In & Out Animation

Type Builder offers unique animations for both in and out motion.
type builder - time saving


Type Builder saves you hours, days, or even weeks of work on your kinetic typography and text animation projects.
type builder - tutorial & support

Tutorials & Support

Tutorials & 24/7 friendly support team are always available.
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