PX-Movie Title


Cinematic movie titles, credit rolls, and badges for creating epic title sequences and trailers for movies, indie films, documentaries, and music videos.


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    • 66 title elements

    • 75 cinema badges

    • 18 credits styles

    • Built-in settings panel

    PX-Movie Title is fully compatible with the latest version of Adobe After Effects. The dedicated settings panel inside the plugin lets you customize the titles by changing fonts and colors.

    Movie titles and film credits plugin


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    Free and effortless title customization

    Movie title after effects plugin free version

    Enjoy PX-Movie Title free version with all of its features, forever with no hidden costs or expiration date.

    variety in movie title after effects plugin

    Flexible title customization

    With the help of the built in settings panel, you can easily transform your video title and credits to what the most suitable for your project.

    Movie title after effects plugin settings panel

    Transform cinematically

    Movie title after effects plugin Movie title after effects plugin
    Movie title after effects plugin credits

    Cinematic badges
    and credits roll

    A complete collection of high-quality cinematic badges from the film industry that will turn your projects into a professional cinematic production. These badges can be used in any part of the movie, from the movie poster to the credits roll.

    Define your film genre

    Fully customizable

    Easily customize everything, including the colors, fonts, position, and the scale of titles.

    8K resolution

    All titles and credits roll badge elements are created with the highest level of quality and detail.

    After Effects compatible

    PX-Movie Title plugin is built from ground up to work smooth and fast inside adobe after effects.

    Designed for teams

    Teams of 5
    working as one

    All of the Pixflow plugins are designed with creative teams in mind and that is why our plugins can be installed on up to 5 systems per license.